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Miracle Ministry is a Religious and Charitable Trust, which not only takes care of the spiritual needs of the people, but also rescues people at times of disasters. TSUNAMI was one of them, when Miracle Ministry hastened to step in to the affected areas and provided food and cash. Fishermen who lost their livelihood were provided with Boats and Fishing Nets. Many families were blessed and could realize the love and concern of Jesus Christ even in this 21st century through Miracle Ministry!


Women's Wing of the Miracle Ministry is headed by Sis. Shanthi Solomon. She involves herself in conducting free marriages for deserving couples, getting involved in charity activities.

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The Tuition Centre at Shalom Town is for school going children of varied age groups. Children are tutored here with special care, which would help them excel in their academic curriculum.

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A Chapel has been built and a full-time Pastor has been appointed to take care of their spiritual needs. Weekly Worship Service, Bible Study and Daily Counselling are done.

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A Clinic with basic medical and dressing facility functions within the campus. A full-time Medical Assistant dresses the wounds of the active leprosy patients every day. We see wounds are healed quickly and inmates become active! A few inmates are married, some gave birth, few are baptized, of course some are buried too. This full pledged township is considered to be one of the best Lepers Colony in India.


By the Grace of God Almighty, Our Beloved Sis.Shanthi Solomon and the Miracle Ministry team did an outreach ministry among the Transgender, during this pandemic curfew situation by sharing the Word of God and giving Groceries, Food, Medicine etc.,