Lepers Colony

In the year 2006 SHALOM TOWN has been formed at Bharathapuram, Alapakkam, which is 5 Kilometers from Chengalpet Town. This is a brain-child of Dr. Tayo Adeyemi, a Neuro Surgeon turned out to be the Senior Pastor of New Wine Church, London, U.K. Miracle Ministry has pride in partnering with this great man of God, who is a personal friend of Dr. John Solomon.

A two acre land has been acquired at the above mentioned place. 55 Concrete Houses have been built, 100 victims of this disease leprosy are housed. Apart from free housing, free food, water, electricity are also provided.

Chapel :

A Chapel has been built and a full-time Pastor has been appointed to take care of their spiritual needs. Weekly Worship Service, Bible Study and Daily Counselling are done.

Clinic :

A Clinic with basic medical and dressing facility functions within the campus. A full-time Medical Assistant dresses the wounds of the active leprosy patients every day. We see wounds are healed quickly and inmates become active!

A few inmates are married, some gave birth, few are baptized, of course some are buried too. This full pledged township is considered to be one of the best Lepers Colony in India.