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CRUSADESFrom the year 1978, Miracle Crusades have been conducted world over with the Word of God being preached with power and authority and the Lord confirming His Word through signs and wonders following. Drawing mammoth crowds, Miracle Crusades have witnessed upto thirty percent of the people responding to the altar call at the end of the meetings! Miracle Crusades are inter-denominational in nature where a mighty revival is witnessed each time and people in hundreds and thousands experience healing in their body and soul. The gifts of the Holy Spirit operate mightily in these Crusades.

CRUSADES Dr. John Solomon's messages have been interpreted from English to Africanas, Arabic, Chekz, Indonesian, Mandarin, Malay, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Singhalese, Urdu and Zulu etc. besides most major languages in India.

Dr. John Solomon has been called to be an Evangelist on 7th July 1972. Since then he has been preaching all over India and many other countries of the world. Thousands of people throng to hear him in the Miracle Crusades conducted in India. One of his Crusades pulled a crowd of Two Hundred Thousand people. Every year, Miracle Crusades are held at Chennai, thousands of people gather to hear the Word of God and are blessed.